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Facebook can't be fixed, so we're going to replace it.

What the world needs now is a new generation social media platform that is fundamentally different in it’s incentives. A new kind of mobile community focused on authenticity, intimate sharing and personal data privacy.

Does this sound right to you? Are you interested in supporting True?

Shortly, we’ll be launching the biggest token sale for a new social media platform in history, led by the biggest names in Silicon Valley.

We already have 2 million users, how would you like to share in our financial success?

The promise of social media to connect the whole world was a wonderful idea… but it has failed.

In pursuit of growth at all costs, you have become the product. The only way to maintain this growth is through monetizing your personal data.

True has an honest data agreement guaranteed by blockchain.

Our users own and control access to their personal data powered by blockchain technology. We’re building a decentralized system that bakes privacy and trust into our core products.

TRU Tokens

Instead of creating a new cryptocurrency solely for speculation, we're creating a new social media economy. Leveraging 2M growing users at scale, True will become the largest active social network in the world to implement an end-to-end decentralized privacy solution.

Our users want TRU!

Hello ???? True has already raised $10M in venture capital and is a real company with a real product, with the best investors in Silicon Valley working today with users on the system. We’re changing the game with an honest solution instead of click-bait soundbite trash and the worst kinds of personal data mining.

After this pre-sale, we’re offering TRU to our entire user base, demand and token velocity are likely to be high.

The value of TRU is simple to understand - we're offering a chance to own the currency that powers the next Facebook at a massive discount.
How much longer will crypto investors tolerate being ripped off in scams?
The TRU Token Sale is a premium token offering. We’re offering real value based on a proven business model the average investor can understand. TRU can be used exclusively to buy advertising, subscriptions and premium goods and services on True the same way as $Dollars, ¥Yuan, ₩Won, ¥Yen or €Euros. It's kind of like owning early shares in Facebook.

Token Distribution

  • 15% TEAM

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